ISBN 978-0-646-57402-8
Paperback, 275x210mm, 24pp
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Contiamo in Inglese e Italiano

Let's Count in Italian and English

Maria Monteleone

Edited by Yvette Alberti

This book provides an introduction for children learning to count in Italian and English. Whilst learning the numbers, the children are also exposed to other common words such as chairs, balls, apples and cars.

Learning to count is one of the first skills children learn when they are exposed to another language. Italian is the third most spoken language in Australia, has over 58 million native speakers in Italy and over 5 million expatriate speakers across the world.

Pronunciations are also included in both Italian and English so that the words can be learnt without the need to listen to a CD or find a native speaker. Whilst the book has been written with children in mind, adults wishing to learn Italian or English or brush up on their skills, would also find the book useful. The pictures are bright, colourful and engaging and the simplicity of the book ensures it is easy to use for children and adults alike.

This book is a useful addition to both a classroom situation and for use at home.


Maria Monteleone was born in Calabria, Italy and came out to Australia at the age of 4. She grew up with her family living in Australia, but following the Italian traditions.

When she had her own children, however, they wanted to blend in with their Australian mates and so rebelled against learning the Italian language. As her children have grown up and had their own children, each have expressed a desire for Nonna to teach them the Italian traditions, particularly, the language, and one son returned to Italy and made it his permanent home. Ironically, not without first spending many years learning the language in his early 20's.

Now with 7 grandchildren (5 in Australia and 2 in Italy), there came a need to help the grandchildren talk to each other and learn about their Italian heritage and language. She looked for books to give to her grandchildren, but couldn't find what she was after, so she decided to write one herself.

In doing so, Maria has ensured the book is universal so that it can be used by both the English speakers and the Italian speakers to begin learning Italian or begin learning English.